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Re: New: re: bottom hand torque

Posted by: btittanyb () on Wed Jan 29 09:44:43 2003

I just watched the final arc (2nd edition). A couple of questions:
> 1) After top hand torque and the bat goes back to the catcher - what then does the top hand do -- does it push at contact or not? In watching MLB hitters it seems most of them "push with their top hands" through contact. And more times than not the "L" comes out after contact. What is "causing" this to happen?
> 2) Jack says the shoulders turn to 105 degrees. Is that at contact? It looks as though Bonds' shoulders rotate all the was around - 180 degrees, but that is at finish. Jack said something about putting an object under the bottom arm pit - why is that? The MLB hitters I watch, anything under their arm would definitely fall out. When exactly does the bottom hand start pulling? Is it in the position the kids are doing the drills in?
> 3) Lastly, can you be a "rotational hitter" and never use BHT? In other words can I rotate my torso and hips and move the bat in a circular hand path and only use THT or THT be the primary force - especially seen in right handed hitters. Right handed hitters seem to push with the top hand. A-Rod, Big Mac, Sosa, Sheffield.
> It seems to me that whether you are predominatly top or bottom hand dictates your strategy at the plate and your strengths in terms of pitch location. Mike Scmidth in his book talks about being able to be and do BOTH. Is that possible?

When I swing it is easier for me to push. I am a right handed thrower and a right handed batter. My bottom hand is WEAK and "pulling" does not increase my bat speed on the bat speed machine, in fact it makes me do some weird things -- balance becomes an issue. I watch Bonds do it on video and I cannot spin to 180 degrees with that balance and at the same time keep the bat on plane and try to hit the ball. When I do get it, the ball does not jump like it does when I use the top hand. Does anybody have any tips on how I can get stronger with my bottom hand and how I can get more balanced and comfortable? bb


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