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Posted by: HappySlapper69 (Cumonmytitsbitch@aol.com) on Thu Dec 29 16:14:49 2011

So I'm new to this sight, I saw some of Jacks videos on YouTube and I had some

In my understanding of THT, it makes no sense to me that the top arm rotates to
accelerate the bat rearward, isn't that just an inert movement created by the hands
beginning to slot, and the bat moving into the proper swing plane? Please explain this
to me! It seems like too much emphasis is being contributed to movements that are
not acting, but being acted upon! The only way for the bat to flatten out is for the bat
head to move backward from the hands, otherwise you would have to swing with a
completely vertical bat. I believe THT is not an action, but a reaction!

Someone please convince me otherwise; convert me!


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