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Re: Re: *****Barry Bonds*****

Posted by: RH () on Wed Jan 29 10:35:05 2003

A-Rod takes 5 BP sessions a day, from tee, live pitching, soft-toss (machine and coach), pitching machine that throws curves, etc. I imagine Bonds has at least that much. It's his life's goal to be the best at this, and he invests many hours into it. Not to mention his strength, quickness, and selective eye.

What impresses me most about Bonds (other than his picture-perfect tight, quick swing) is his supreme confidence at the plate. He always has a slight grin on his face, like he is absolutely in control of the pitcher-hitter battle. With his arm armored, he has no fear of the inside fastball, which is the last weapon a pitcher has. His demeanor suggests that hitting HR's is purely at his discretion, whenever he wants to. I can't even muster that kind of confidence hitting BP off a tee!


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