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Re: Big Questions for Jack

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Fri Jun 2 21:51:22 2000

>>>Finally, using your circular path is causing me to hyperextend my front arm, and cause it to rip away from the other hand.<<<


"I do not mean to impolite or abrupt", but it sounds like you have about the worst mechanics I could imagine. Without reviewing your swing on video, it sounds like your swing exhibits mechanics completely opposite to those of a good rotational swing. --- An absolute “key” to developing a good circular hand-path is that you keep the lead arm back and let the rotation of the shoulders accelerate the hands. Those certainly will not “hyperextended” your arm.

For your lead arm to be “hyperextended” and ripped away from your other hand, you must have limited shoulder rotation and use mainly your arms to shove the hands forward. BLT, when you start the swing using your arms there is nothing to tell the hips when to start their rotation and when they do, it is mainly to allow the hands to come through not to accelerate them. --- But, when you keep the lead arm back and let the rotation of the shoulders accelerate the hands, rotation of the hips is not an after thought – They are what causes the shoulders to have full rotation.

So BLT if you are getting your hands through and not your hips – you could not be following what this site teaches. First, practice good lower body mechanics that will generate rotation around a stationary axis – then pick up a bat. If your hips do not rotate correctly with the bat -- you must be using your arms incorrectly.

Jack Mankin


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