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Re: Re: Re: Insider's Pride

Posted by: above&beyond (minorleaguehits@yahoo.com) on Mon Oct 1 14:45:55 2007

--"Interesting post with concepts worthy of discussion. The practice of teaching the glove arm to pull back to the body has been changed. Because HD video has shown that the elite pitchers in MLB dont do this. Actually their chest gets closer to the glove hand not the other way around. In fact computer analysis shows hat pulling the glove hand to the body actually slows down velocity.

Thanks for a good post to discuss.

Thanks for replying.

Your point is true. But in my case as I pitch I do both. Bringing the chest to the glove as my momentum moves forward to reach to the ground or "bend over and pick up my keys." But I do use my glove arm for torque. It seems make strong and accurate pitches and long throws.

"--Your statements seem to indicate the lead-arm starts bent and then extends to contact. This site has long held that in order to apply maximum torque to the bat, the elbow must maintain the angle it acquired during initiation. In other words, the lead-arm may be bent or straighter as the swing is initiated. In either case, it should maintain that angle to contact. Allowing the arm to start bent and then extend to contact is counterproductive in applying torque."--

The V seems optimal to me, but I don't always extend my front elbow all of the way. I was given this advice from a good ball player at the college.

Thanks for the pointers guys. Hopefully there's more. I'm fascinated with the man's point about rotational hitting. Everybody I know has noticed I have improved my hitting by a gap because of that tip.


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