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Re: Big Questions for Jack

Posted by: Thomas (twvanya@aol.com) on Mon Jun 5 07:16:57 2000

Dear Jack,
> I do not mean to impolite or abrupt, but I have experimented with your mechanics, which, so far, is leading to the disintegration of my ability to hit for distance. As a person, I am captivated by skills which lead to personal improvement, tolerate those that lead to stasis of hitting ability, but abhor those that facilitate regression.
> I am not making accusations, but merely voicing my personal experience using your mechanics.
> As an individual, in 1998, I could hit a baseball ot of my hand on a baseball field 340 feet on a pop-fly to center, thus clearing the fence, and line balls over the 310 foot left field fence that would clear the fence on a trajectory simulcura to Big Mac's record-breaking 62nd home run.
> I attempted to experiment with your skills by hitting a softball out my hand on a softball field.
> Nevertheless, whereas two years preceding the new millenium, balls which I hit either hit or cleared the 279 foot and 312 foot fences on rising line drives, there are times when I cannot hit 200 feet, much less hit a ball 250 feet.
> Again, these are not heated accusations, but acute observations in the facilitated regression of my swing using your mechanics.
> Two years ago, hip rotation used to smooth, sharp, and a sorce of high acceleration; today it is jerky, and feels just like a jerky pull in the lower legs and hips. The timing has been annihilated, and my lead foot steps in the water bucket.
> Another eradication is the force of the back hip. The rotation of the back hip, which used to be so prevalent in my swing, now swings in unison with the backside body segments, and I feel no rotation into the ball, just a weak--albeit rapid--swing-around.
> Finally, using your circular path is causing me to hyperextend my front arm, and cause it to rip away from the other hand.
> Do you have any ideas what some possible causes of jerky use of legs on hip rotation, stepping in the bucket, no back hip rotation into the ball, but merely riding along with oother backside body segments, and hyperextension?
> Please answer immediately.
> Thank you, and again, I don't mean to rip you apart, but I am sensitive about trying some new system, and regressing--perhaps you can fix it.
> Sincerely,
> The Black Hole Lexicographer
> Knight1285@aol.com

BHL and All,
I would think that implementing a "new" swing for someone who has played for a number of years would be like trying to teach someone a new way to walk. You would have to start from the very beginning and take it one step at a time.

Will the swing mechanics presented on this site work for everyone? I think they probably could but it may be too late for some to change styles. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and probably longer to break one.

My son is 10 and is tall but "skinny". I introduced him to the rotational mechanics and he loves the difference. He can hit 200-210 when I throw BP and has come close to putting one over at 200 during games. Since he does not have near the "muscle" when compared to other kids his age, he knows he has to rely on hips, trunk, and shoulder rotation. We are still working on reading the outside pitch and slowing the front shoulder down a little, but we'll get there.

Like I said earlier, the mechanics presented here may not be for everyone, but they sure have worked for us.


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