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Re: strong through the ball

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Mon Jan 9 13:00:22 2012

>>> I'm noticing on video with my 10yr old, he is struggling powering through after
contact. In good position just seems to lack strength through the ball. Any input
on strength through the ball. <<<

Hi Scott

Welcome to the site. -- I assume the video of your 10 yr old shows their bat's forward movement stalling (or greatly reducing) at contact. Although practicing driving through the ball may seem logical, it will not solve the problem. The reason the bat's velocity halts at contact is because the bat/ball collision depleted its momentum (mass & velocity). -- In other words, a light bat (usually a -7 or lighter) with limited bat speed.

The key to overcoming bat stall at contact is to generate greater bat speed before contact or swing a bat of more substance (or both). Below is a post from the Archives that discusses this topic. Also, read the link regarding the "Heavy Bag" at the bottom of the post.

Re: Follow Thru

Jack Mankin


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