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postional hitting

Posted by: jerry 220 hitter () on Tue Jan 10 13:43:45 2012

willyboy >I understand your frustration about not being able to contact the author of postional hitting . I still wonder if he (borrowed) most of his ideas from Jack. Even thou I have never tried to contact cevallos .I have have had the same frustrating experiences with many others myself. Weather its the author of a book or how to use their batting products.The seller is usally not aroud to explain the very small but important details .After they have made their sales.And thats one of the reasons I rate Bat Speed.com above the rest.Along with JAck Mankins great knowledge of hitting and the way he backs up his theories of hitting with videos, clips and explanations . And with his free web site you can keep up a continuous dialouge and keep learningon hitting from Jack ,who is usally very good at answering most questions.And when Jack doesnt answer my questions I usally can find the answers in his arhvies.Well good luck willyboy. Im glad I have another guy whos I can learn from in my obsession with hitting


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