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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Top hand rollover

Posted by: Slugger () on Thu Jan 12 12:28:06 2012

> Registered User Join Date:Mar 2007
> Location:Peoria, IL
> Posts:587 Originally Posted by ndd
> >>This is my opinion based on a year of "fixing" the results of the
fence drill in one player. It is the single worst drill that can ever
be done and should be illegal in the ICC. It causes way more problems
than it fixes. In fact, it can cause bat drag. I am now on a jihad to
get rid of this drill - as soon as Swisher retires. <<
> >>> Can you describe what is happening or even better show a video
of it?
> I, too, used to think the fence drill was problematic because I
thought it caused the hitter to pull off the ball and not hit through
it. But the more I studied the MLB swing, the more I realized how good
this drill really was. This drill keeps the elbow tight to the body
(an absolute) and it keeps the barrel accelerating in its rotation. It
also helps develop a great hand hinge...another bat head accelerator.
Keep in mind, the drill is a bit of an exaggeration drill, but
nonetheless, it is a great bat head speed drill. If your bat head hits
the fence, then you are extending a bit early causing the barrel to
lose velocity bcause its circle has been interrupted. I can see why
more than just one MLBer uses it.
> URSA....when the rear elbow is up at load, and charges down as a
first move, it is quite difficult to arm bar. Try to bar when doing
this. Now try to bar with elbow down...it is much easier.<<<
> Hi Slugger
> I would be interested in your thoughts on the post below regarding
the mechanics of keeping "Your Hands Inside The Ball" including the
"Fence Drill." The video clip showing the results of a batter using
the "Fence Drill" is a good representation of what I find with the
drill. -- I know you think the drill results in mechanics that
generates great bat speed. But have you actually tried hitting pitched
balls with the drill to see if you perform as well as expected?
> <a href="http://www.batspeed.com/messageboard/384978.html">Re: The
Fence Drill</a>
> Jack Mankin

Jack. I believe I understand the point you are trying to make. IMO
the fence drill would be better for the hitter who is having problems
rolling over on pitches, especially ones on the inside part of the
plate. I don't think anyone should stand as close to the plate
against live pitches as illustrated during the fence drill. The
purpose of the drill should to force the hitter to bring his hands in
to hit using a more compact shorter arc. The location of the pitch
will dictate how far the batter needs to pull his hands in. The fence
drill is an extreme used to get to a happy medium.


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