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Re: Video Camera Recommendation

Posted by: Brian () on Wed Oct 3 20:35:43 2007

> Please recommend a video camera that is compatible with your analysis program and may enable us to keep it simple. Thank you.

Hi Richard:

We recommend a Mini DV camcorder. It records in high quality AVI format at 60 frames per second on 30 minute or 60 minute mini cassettes.

MotionView analyzes video in AVI or WMV format, which is a common format used by Windows PCs. With a Mini DV camcorder, the footage is transferred in digital AVI format through a firewire or USB cable directly into MotionView. This process is easy to use and will provide high quality results. Mini DV camcorders range from about $200 up to +$1000.

Most DVD and Harddrive camcorders will require a conversion process because they record in a format not recognized by MotionView nor most Windows programs. It's not difficult to convert the footage into AVI or WMV, but it is one more step that can be avoided with a Mini DV camcorder.

Please click here if you want more detailed information on each of the camcorders and the conversion processes.



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