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Re: Re: Hittiing zones or swing styles

Posted by: Dave (cdpaetkau@telus.net) on Sat Feb 1 11:59:59 2003

I think those are all valid points and the idea that an 'educated guess' is important point in hitting is not stressed enough in todays game. I am not sure about baseball but in the major level of fastpitch a large part of the game and strategy is 'picking' a pitcher. If you can determine which pitch is coming before it happens it can greatly increase your chance of hitting the ball. In my own game I spent a lot of time determining a pitchers/catchers patterns of pitch selection in order to narrow down what pitch and possibly what location the next pitch would be. This is very important before you have 2 strikes on you because a disiplined hitter can layoff a pitch that is not in their concentration zone.

Do you think that a hitting style determines a hitters strengths and weaknesses or the ability/inablility to adapt to the pitches that is the determining factor.


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