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Re: Little league bats

Posted by: Graylon (g_dunc@hotmail.com) on Wed Oct 3 20:43:59 2007

> Little league recently decided to move back the homerun fences. With the onset of the high powered drop 10 composite bats Its my opinion that the entire field should change. Question is.. Are we starting to endanger kids that are pitching and playing 3rd base? Coaching now I see the smallest kid seem to hit rockets. What do you guys think

I personally think that little league needs to make a lot of changes. I have seen our local little leagues lose kids to travel teams and P.O.N.Y. baseball. Little League, because of the dimensions of there fields, needs to put restrictions on the bats they let them use and also monitor the age groups they allow to play together( 10's playing with 12's). I prefer PONY baseball where the field grows with the players age and they learn to play real baseball at an earlier age. In PONY baseball 11-12's play on a field with a 50' pitchers mound and 70' bases, versus 46' and 60' in little league. At age 9-10 they start learning how to hold runners on and lead off. To me it is a better avenue then Little League.


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