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introducing new tehnique

Posted by: scottk (scottie98@verizon.net) on Mon Jan 16 06:20:12 2012

Just received my dvds and connection in mail. Excited to get started with my
almost 11yo son. I don't want to overwhelm him with totally tearing apart his
swing because he has a nice natural swing as far as rotation and ability to control
the bat. That said, he is becoming more top hand dominant while training this
winter. I think it is because I have been trying to get him to power through to
extension. Last night during soft toss I asked him to focus on his bottom hand and
front side shoulder and surprisingly he instantly started sending line drive after
line drive back to the screen. I Suppose my question is, should I start by focusing
on bht, then introduce tht. Try to get used to the arms staying connected?


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