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Re: Little league bats

Posted by: skip (piks5@sbcglobal.net) on Fri Oct 5 06:07:27 2007

> Little league recently decided to move back the homerun fences. With the onset of the high powered drop 10 composite bats Its my opinion that the entire field should change. Question is.. Are we starting to endanger kids that are pitching and playing 3rd base? Coaching now I see the smallest kid seem to hit rockets. What do you guys think

For the past 4 or 5 years, LL bats have been steroidal, but dads and coaches are in denial for psych. reasons, and the LL org is in denial for strategic reasons.
There's simply no comparing today's high-perf. multi-wall and composite bats to the low-grade allum. alloy single wall youth bats of 7 or 8 years ago, when HR's by 11 yr olds were rare.

The 3 and 4 hitters on our HS team this spring both batted in the 3 spot in LL, where they had a combined total of 3 HR's for their entire LL careers. The reason is the bats.



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