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Re: Re: THT

Posted by: jerry 220hitter () on Thu Jan 19 15:21:08 2012

From the instuctional video I have from bat speed.com THT is a advanced technique. They teach THT after the batter has learned rotation, CHP, and what some call connection .If a 8 yr can do these things I think he is very advanced . I believe attempting THT the wrong way can lead to many problems. Such as the bathead on the wrong swing plane,the rear elbow running under the the rear arm pit. Or the hands continuing on a straight line or linear hand path. Which could cause disconnecting from the rotating body.So if your son has the CHP and connection down. And you still want to try THT. I would try to teach it by putting your son in front of a mirror. Stride into the load or launch postion.With the back elbow up in normal postion, Intiate the swing by breaking the rear knee foward.In the direction of the pitcher. When you break the rear knee forward the rear elbow should automaticly drop and slot into the rib area. This should automaticly torque the top hand,THT should just happen like this.The THT should bring the bat head backwards towards the catcher When the bat head is in the correct swingplane and lined up with the lead arm swing the bat to contact.What im trying to say is break the front knee forward and feel the THT happen automaticly and check the swing plane in the mirror.


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