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Re: Re: Re: Big Questions for Jack

Posted by: The Black Hole Lexicographer (Knight1285@aol.com) on Tue Jun 6 20:30:43 2000

Dear Jack,
> > > I do not mean to impolite or abrupt, but I have experimented with your mechanics, which, so far, is leading to the disintegration of my ability to hit for distance. As a person, I am captivated by skills which lead to personal improvement, tolerate those that lead to stasis of hitting ability, but abhor those that facilitate regression.
> > >
> > > I am not making accusations, but merely voicing my personal experience using your mechanics.
> > >
> > > As an individual, in 1998, I could hit a baseball ot of my hand on a baseball field 340 feet on a pop-fly to center, thus clearing the fence, and line balls over the 310 foot left field fence that would clear the fence on a trajectory simulcura to Big Mac's record-breaking 62nd home run.
> > >
> > > I attempted to experiment with your skills by hitting a softball out my hand on a softball field.
> > >
> > > Nevertheless, whereas two years preceding the new millenium, balls which I hit either hit or cleared the 279 foot and 312 foot fences on rising line drives, there are times when I cannot hit 200 feet, much less hit a ball 250 feet.
> > >
> > > Again, these are not heated accusations, but acute observations in the facilitated regression of my swing using your mechanics.
> > >
> > > Two years ago, hip rotation used to smooth, sharp, and a sorce of high acceleration; today it is jerky, and feels just like a jerky pull in the lower legs and hips. The timing has been annihilated, and my lead foot steps in the water bucket.
> > >
> > > Another eradication is the force of the back hip. The rotation of the back hip, which used to be so prevalent in my swing, now swings in unison with the backside body segments, and I feel no rotation into the ball, just a weak--albeit rapid--swing-around.
> > >
> > > Finally, using your circular path is causing me to hyperextend my front arm, and cause it to rip away from the other hand.
> > >
> > > Do you have any ideas what some possible causes of jerky use of legs on hip rotation, stepping in the bucket, no back hip rotation into the ball, but merely riding along with oother backside body segments, and hyperextension?
> > >
> > > Please answer immediately.
> > >
> > > Thank you, and again, I don't mean to rip you apart, but I am sensitive about trying some new system, and regressing--perhaps you can fix it.
> > >
> > > Sincerely,
> > > The Black Hole Lexicographer
> > > Knight1285@aol.com BLH....why would you wait two years to discover that something is not working? in the first place, imo, i think that it is rare that someone can buy into any single theory and make all parts of that theory work....i think there are theories that may have some good points worth experimenting with but have some ideas that should be discarded...case in point is charley lau's theories.....grc....
> :well your doing it all wrong.....sorry to say....but the baseball swing is a culmination of many things......you have to have a good amount of knowledge in all those areas to be successful. If you spend teh time, invest the money and work your ass off....mentally and physically you will see what works for you ....and for the most part you will be able to recognize good things in your swing and bad things....and how they affect your swing. You go ahead and make this broad generalization that the type of mechanics stressed by Jack on this site have ruined your swing. As if its really that simple...just blame whoever else you can besides yourself. you ramble about how you hit baseballs out of your hand 350 ft just like mark mgwire....ok yeah sure buddy. Get a tee and hit off it for about 3 months, but hit smart.....read as much as you can from good baseball sites like this one.....put the knowledge in the back of your head and remember that when you go to practice. If you would just read on this site.....especaill truisms and fallicies ....and many of the post from jack on this youd realize alot of your mistakes, that is if you practice and know your swing. Have you ever thought that the reason your front arm rips away from your other arm early because you dont properly initiate torque and rotational forces....so right as the ball is in the contact zone you have to whip out your front shoulder, (totally destroying any kinetic chain energy) and try to muscle the bat so your top hand has to come off the bat just to compensate for a poor swing. Or maybe you just palin try too hard. Or maybe you have poor rotatio, maybe your just weak(poor training regimen). There are so many things that could be causing your poor swing. Probably the biggest one is lack of quality trainnig time. If you not the most talented player then your gonna have to work to gain the edge. Dont blame a well established and well proved system of mechanics for your inability.

Dear James,
The problem, I believes, lies in the fact I have become frustration after a year of great results, I am regressing. But, like you, I believe in taking a dilligent look at my swing, comparing it to times past. When I have my swing, James, I can hit a mistake, and have it carry down the line over the fence (though not nearly as long as Big Mac). I appreciate your input, but wonder if you have any specific mental strategies that will help me regain my swing, because I believe this is the main setback. Hudgens, then Mankin, both provided me information for an excellent swing, until I listened to advice from videos displaying illogical mechanics, thereby altering my swing. Any advice is welcome.

The Black Hole Lexicographer


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