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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Opening up

Posted by: Teacherman () on Mon Oct 8 16:01:04 2007

Look at this sequence and tell me where the evidence of shoulder rotation is.


David Ortiz clearly had to laterally tilt his shoulders to get to the first frame.

Then, that same tilt exists through the sequence.

And, at no time does shoulder rotation "out run" the hip turn. In other words....Ortiz launches with the lateral tilt and the "turn" that is seen comes from the hips which turns everything sitting on top of them. And "everything sitting on top of them" seems to maintain there positions relative to each other.

Shoulder rotation occuring at the same time as hip rotation simply can not and does not work. For several reasons. Not the least of which is the "simultaneous" rotation is a great example of "slop" or "slack" in the swing. HOW can you rotate both and keep them synced for an efficient slopless swing.

Secondly.....shoulder rotation pulls the hands out of the hitzone.

When you learn exactly what this hitter is doing.....lateral shoulder tilt at "go", forearm rotation to power the barrel turn rearward, and his "fighting" the circular hand path....you'll get your first "feel" of a high level mlb swing.

Finally.....please......test for yourself. Explosively laterally tilt your shoulders. Explosively rotate your shoulders.

Which one is instantaneous and very powerful?

Not even close.



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