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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Positional Hitting

Posted by: gsfan (garydorso@gmail.com) on Wed Feb 8 03:32:59 2012

> > Hi Willyboy
> >
> > As I have not read the book, I will have to pass on this discussion.
> >
> > Jack Mankin
> Jack, I would be happy to send you my copy. I will contact you via
> email...
> Mike

I have viewed Jack's stuff with much excitement as I am a big believer. I also love much of what Positional Hitting is about. Sure, the subject matter is much related, just a different sort of view. The biggest reason I love Positional is just what much disagreement on this link stems from. And mind you, I am no expert but I try like heck to really understand what makes Bonds, Williams, Ruth elite and so many others just so-so. To me, the most common, unmatched theme is...flattening the bat before it enters the zone. Seems to me that this is exactly what allows the 2 most important aspects of the swing, consistency (on plane throughout the AOI - love it) and power (getting the bat on plane early allows the core to provide the power to the barrel). This said, I think Cevallos is far too early in the "slot" position where he lowers, very unnatural. Jack? Thoughts?


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