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Re: The RX for Better Hitting

Posted by: Graylon (g_dunc@hotmail.com) on Tue Oct 9 20:03:30 2007

> If you want to be an excellent hitter, it takes many hours of study and thousands of repititions. First, the hitter must want to really learn how to hit. second, he must commit time to study and practice. last, he must take so many cuts that he does not have to think about his swing, and he knows that no pitcher has worked as hard at pitching as he has at hitting. with all of those factors, you build an amazing quality called "CONFIDENCE". this is often perceived as arrogance, but it is an essential part of a successful hitter. He has to believe that he is the best.
> The RX for Better Hitting - 1500 cuts a day
> (This is not a mechanics lesson)
> Tools you have to have a tee, a bucket of about 50 baseballs, a batting cage or screen, and a wooden bat that is the same length as your aluminum.
> you first need to place the tee on the front edge of the center of the plate, and you need to hit 50 sets of ten cuts right back up the middle of the cage. This does not mean any where in the middle of the cage, but in almost the exact spot. we are patterning here. this is going to tell you if you are doing the exact same thing every swing.
> Second, you need to have someone throw you 50 sets of 10 cuts of short BP(pitcher 45 feet away). . . The better the BP pitcher the more quality cuts you will get. . . the only thing you need to concentrate on is hitting every pitch back up the middle. NO EXCEPTIONS. this will increase your vision at the plate. you won't be too early on inside pitches and too late on outside pitches.
> Last, you need to find a pool that you can swing in. you need to be in your stance nipple deep. you also need to be a bats length away from the wall. take 50 sets of 10 cuts going through your swing letting the head of the bat be the last thing in the water and driving it through the water. if you do not have a pool, put a plunger in a tee and get 10 small dodge balls and take your cuts off of that.
> If you stick with this script, your average and power will go up exponentialy.


We have all heard the saying that "practice makes perfect" and then we heard "perfect practice makes perfect". I believe that practice makes permenent. If you are constantly having poor mechanics with that much practice what you will have is a permanent flawed swing. I do believe that by hitting that much you will get better, just by the number of repetitions, but you will only get a little better and for not that long. What happens when the pitchers no longer throw you pitches down main street and you have to be able to make adjustments on the fly. Why not maximize your efforts and practice hard at developing the proper mechanics? I also think "1500 cuts a day" is quite a heavy work load. 150 to 200 a day with proper mechanics would be much more productive.


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