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Re: The RX for Better Hitting - Mechanics

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Wed Oct 10 12:11:08 2007

Hi Tre' Brown

Welcome to the site. – Batspeed.com promotes rotational transfer mechanics. This means the batter’s hands are rotated in a circular rather than a straight (A to B, or linear) path to the contact zone. I note you use the RightView program, which promotes a linear hand-path. Also, a few of your statements indicate you may teach this approach.

Discussing batting mechanics with the written word is difficult because the writer’s words can be misinterpreted. I will place below a few of your statements for clarification.

(A) You state, “Hands should be back arround the back nipple and 6-10 inches away from the body. Elbows should be relaxed and pointed downward.” – I realize this is your “stance” position. Would you want the elbows to be relaxed and pointed downward in the launch position as the swing is being initiated.

(B) You state, “The hands should also begin to move rearward slowly towards the umpire not arround the shoulder.” -- This indicates to me that you want the hands to follow the same linear return path (from the umpire to the pitcher). Have I misinterpreted your words?

(C) You state, “Contact - Front foot closed, back foot pivoted, belly button towards the pitcher, hands extended towards the pitcher, eyes on contact, and drive through not to the ball. – “Get the arms extended at contact” and “drive through the ball” are both linear concepts.

I would be happy to discuss these issues with you.

Jack Mankin


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