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Re: bats and$$$$

Posted by: Dave (cdpaetkau@telus.net) on Mon Feb 10 11:18:09 2003

Can someone tell me if there’s enough difference in ball action off a $150 bat vs. $25 bat to justify the additional cost? I spent over $300 on three bats last season, each one either cracked or dented after a few games (bats were 2 ¼” barrel 32” –11 or –12). Just picked up an Easton, 32/25 all au, hollow core, for $25.
> Gary

There is a difference in the $25 bat to the $300 bat but I think the problem you had is that they make the walls of the bats so thin on a minus 10 or 11 that they will dent too easily. The heavier the bat the more durable they usually are. Also the composition of the bat plays a large part on how easily it will dent. The Easton c-core seemed to be more durable.


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