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Re: Re: Strikeouts

Posted by: THG () on Thu Oct 11 16:57:41 2007

> THG,
> It's a lot harder than it looks. The hitters should maybe prepare better throughout the season. Is this the hitting instructors job? How much influence do they really have on the hitters? I think looking fastball and adjusting to the off speed is a good approach. When a hitter hits the valley fastballs get by. What team plays the best small ball in the major leauges?
> EL,

Eric. I think it is the hitting coaches job. I he not getting paid to do a minimal amount of work? But you do not have to convince me that hitting a baseball is hard otherwise I would be doing it. And I realize the ball moves a lot more than any physics instructor would have us to believe.

My only problem is that the old school hitters used to gamble more and start their mechanics earlier to anticipate fastball. If they were to early in their approach they would hit the ball foul, but at least they went up there with the proper thinking. To often we see hitters take the first fastball down the middle of the late in a game of a good closer. Or we see the hitter swing way late like he was just feeling for the ball. That just does not make good sense. But we will see it again in the next series. Why I do not know?


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