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Re: Re: Re: The RX for Better Hitting

Posted by: THG () on Thu Oct 11 17:47:50 2007

> Melvin, i posted the RX for better hitting with the assumption we are working with someone with a good swing already. i agree that perfect technique is required to be a great hitter, but my program has taken below average swingers and with their commitment, made the above average hitters. i believe the key to my program is that that many reps builds unbreakable confidence. . . would you send me your hitting philosophy and drills
> > Tre Brown wrote: "If you stick with this script, your average and power will go up exponentialy."
> >
> > Pure nonsense. There is no magic in the number of swings, routines, etc.
> >
> > What if someone did your magic program but used a downswing, didn't torque the handle or rotate the barrel and strided late?
> >
> > Power and average go up dramatically when hitters have the proper technique, the strength required to pull it off and perform thousands of perfect repetitions. The reps are just part of the equation.

Tre. There is an old saying which we are all familiar with, "practice makes perfect". But in my opinion it depends on the hitter's ability/motor skills with regard to how much practice is necessary. Thus, the more the ability the less swings required to establish proficiency.

The confidence and ability to make adjustments is just as important if not more. But to your argument, the greater the hitter's belief in the core of your system the more likely the hitter who has such ability will be able to prosper under your system. That is why Lau Sr. was able to help hitters who often had limited natural ability. ex. (Vance Lau as opposed to George Brett)

And though I applaud your effort in help the hitters one must remember that great hitters are not all smooth, but find some method to make solid contact more often than most.


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