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Re: help!!

Posted by: Graylon (g_dunc@hotmail.com) on Fri Oct 12 09:52:38 2007

> Im am only 15 years and having trouble hitting the ball during my Fall Ball Season, I think that my hands are out in front and my bat head is back behind my hands. Could somone give me some help??
> I am 6' 3'' and use a 32, 29. Could I just not be seeing the ball or way out in front please give me some tips and help


Without actually seeing you swing it is difficult to say what is wrong. Things that might help. Check to see if your upper body is lunging over your front foot, this would cause your barrel to drag. You may be pushing the knob of the bat towards the ball which would also cause your barrel to drag. You may be seperating your hands from your back shoulder, pushing back with your hands to far, and pulling hard with your shoulders which can cause your hands and barrel to drag. These are common things I see in the high school kids I coach.

When taking soft toss try resting the bat on your shoulder with your hands near your armpits, elbows relaxed, and load by turning your front shoulder slightly in and slightly down. Don't let your hands move from your armpits before "go". This may help you get the feeling of getting the bat and hands into the proper contact position. It is difficult to explain in writing.

Lastly, the best advice would be to put up some video of you hitting so we can actually see what you are doing or find a good rotational hitting instructor.

Good luck


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