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Re: Linear vs. Rotational

Posted by: Graylon (g_dunc@hotmail.com) on Sat Oct 13 11:44:32 2007

> Jack
> My son will be 12 years old next spring and is currently using a linear/rotational swing which is what the little league coaches on his team are teaching. I, after viewing the final arc video, am convinced that the rotational method produces a more powerful swing and by the looks of it increases chances of hitting the ball. After talking to the coaches, they contend that at this age the kids will rotate the head out with the front shoulder. What is your opinion on this? Right now he is seeing the ball and hitting fairly well and with power. (5'1", 120lbs.) I think that after kids have learned to keep their head looking down consistently at the ball that it's the perfect time to begin teaching them the front side hitting/rotational method to help the kids ingrain the muscle memory. Thanks for all you do!


You are probably wanting Jacks opinion over mine and I don't blame you. But of course I wouldn't be responding if I wasn't going to give you my opinion anyways.

I think that if you were to really push the issue with all hitters most would admit or realize that they do not actually see contact. A few things come into play when trying to see contact. One is if you let your head drop down to see contact you will tend to allow your swing to have the same affect and it will be more of a down and through type of swing. The other thing I believe to happen, and if I am wrong I would like to hear from Jack myself, is your eyes and head can not react quick enough to track the ball from the pitchers hand all the way to contact. If you move your head down you will see the ball leave the pitchers hand and you may see it in the contact zone but you will loose it in between, which I believe to be the critical time to really see the ball. Your eyes just can't focus quick enough. So keep your head up and squared to the pitcher and see the ball out front until it is time to "go" and if you stay back you should be able to see the ball long enough to make good contact.

I would like to hear from Jack on this as well.

Good Luck,


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