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Re: Re: Re: Timing

Posted by: Terry (c7380282@yahoo.com) on Wed Jul 16 12:00:42 2008

I'm not sure where I mentioned (or implied) that one should have a high leg kick. Nor should they use a different load stride sequence to catch up to a faster pitcher. When I tell them to shorten up it is a verbal cue for them to make sure they don't have any extra movement in their load or as John states make it "efficient". You ever hear a kid complain that they can't hit slow pitching? I call this big eye syndrome. They see this meatball pitch that they feel they can hammer and next thing you know they are cliching the bat like the a gashouse gorilla and trying to knock the snot out of it. The get out in front because they are too anxious and tight and then they start making adjustments. They'll add a wrap or biggie size their load or in some cases try to stand on one foot and time their stide to the pitch just like it's slow pitch softball. Sometimes they'll throw in some disconnect to make it more interesting. I don't recommend any of these. Kids are great to watch and try to figure our what they are doing to adapt. With medium pitching they still have some these extra movements just not as obvious. They do need to trim it up when they face a fireballer.

I still hold on to my opinion that they should load and stride sooner. Not to be confused with speeding up the load stride sequence. When you say "Timely manner" do you not mean the same thing? To put it more straight forward. Don't change your swing, change when you start and make sure you take out any extras you may have and make sure it is efficient.

Take a look at a MLB player hitting off of Wakefield and then Pamplebon (sp?). If their load timing isn't different between these two pitchers I'd be very, very surprised.


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