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Re: Re: Re: Under the ball

Posted by: rql () on Sun Aug 31 05:37:05 2008

> "Check the beginning of the swing and her back shoulder. If it dips and the bat head drops, this is the problem."
> I am unclear how you would hit a baseball without the backshoulder dipping below the front shoulder at initiation. Otherwise, wouldn't the front elbow be below the back elbow resulting in a downswing which would lead to only more pop-ups? I agree with yelling out your advice to her during a game would be counterproductive.

... I think that you have to get a solid idea on what the swing is suppose to be[good mechanics]if you understand what them and what your body does to achieve them ,then you can have a better idea as to how to resolve the problem,1st off most misses are from underneath as is most foul balls;What does the body do to that causes it to swing up correctly,then work on adjustments that will get you centering the ball,I found as a hitter that at times like this too many undercuts my hand eye coordination[actually whole swing process body movements]were not in line with where I thought I needed to be to center the ball,then a mental cue was induced hit the top of the ball,now for me that little cue adjusted my tilts though 25 years ago I did not know I tilted or swung up.So learn the process and practice and find adjustments that work to get your body to do what you want it to,and dont forget that often you just arent seeing it right so see it with 2 big eyes.


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