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Re: Re: Re: Re: staying inside the ball

Posted by: rql () on Tue Oct 7 16:18:17 2008

> My point is that some of the announcers ARE former MLB players.
> In all seriousness, are they not capable of properly describing hitting mechanics that are taking place, because they're not using the correct vernacular used in this room? In all due respect,it seems as though, if it doesn't come from Jack's research, it isn't worth a bag of beans. And, again, I along with others, have had the opportunity to speak to and, pick the brains of players and coaches at the professional level. None of them remotely discuss hitting, the way it's discussed in here. In my opinion, it's one of two things, either the people that are actually playing the game at the professional level, just haven't caught up with Jack's research or,maybe, just maybe, people at the level mentioned, don't teach it like this? Everyone has the right to their opinion. I feel my points are not only at least valid but, ones that folks in this room don't dare discuss.
> Thanks for listening.

>>john,A number of us have tested these ideas for years to try and validate ,not just taking jacks word,and for the most part the ideas have proved true,but we all have been pushing the envelope on trying to find out what is going on in the swing,early on as I remember jack stressed the pulling back of the bat with the fingers of the top hand is what created tht and brought the bat back toward the catcher.This was very significant in changing the way we see the swing,however as hard as I tried and had others try we could not have control of the bat by doing this with the focus on the fingers pulling it back.I later realized that it was for me and others the larger muscles of the arm and rear shoulder that were lowering which powered the hand pulling back the bat.I believe I have seen since then that Jack has mentioned over the years that the bat is pulled back by the top hand ,powered by the muscles lowering the rear elbow ,or something to that effect.However had he not ever brought this mechanic to light I would never have thought to test it.This is group who has had to create terms to use to describe what we see in film and since many are not on this sight they do not use them,but over the last few years we are starting to hear announcers use terms like torque,rotation,firm front side ,and others that were never used before so the understanding and terms are coming at us and unfortunately these announcers have only enough knowledge to mess it up as they use the terms wrong at times and I believe can mess up fathers teaching kids by what they hear.


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