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Re: Re: Re: Hands/elbow moving to launch position

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Sun Oct 19 23:49:08 2008

>>> Hi Jack,

What I mean by "loading up" is getting to the "launch position" as shown in your videos/website. In other words, the pre-launch mechanics and the proper Launch position. ("Lead-shoulder is now fully shrugged and pointed in the direction of the second baseman. The lead arm is across chest and the hands have been pulled to the back-shoulder. The back-elbow has reached its highest elevation and started downward. The bat-head is sweeping behind the batter's head into the swing plane.") The kids' trainer is teaching them to keep their hands, arms, elbows, and take no stride. They are just taught that their launch position is to rock or lean back only right before the pitch. It would appear to me that the only way this could work is if the kid's hands/arms/elbows start in the appropriate "launch position". That seems a lot to expect for young 9 and 10 year old kids though. I haven't seen any of the kids start or get their hands into the proper Launch Position so I don't believe they will be able to maximize Top-Hand-Torque <<<

Hi Larry

Most of the coaches I have discussed batting with do not have a good understanding of rotational transfer principles. Therefore, the need for and “inward turn” or the hiding of the hands makes little sense to them. As you point out, their main cue in preparing for launch is “you must go back before you go forward. Very few would grasp the importance of mechanics that first accelerate the bat-head rearward during initiation.

Jack Mankin


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