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Posted by: Dylan (legendarywiffler@aol.com) on Wed Feb 22 11:13:15 2006

> I love how you guys break everything down. By the time your kids are ready to hit is it October? Way too critical of every aspect to hitting a baseball. Sometimes less is more. I would love to have my staff face any of your teams. They probably need a laptop in the box when they come to hit. GREAT JOB GUYS!

>This style of hitting is much more simple than other types of hitting styles out there. The reasoning may seem a bit advanced for some people, but there are only a couple of key components to the swing. I have learned that all you need to makes sure you do is to
1. Start a pendulum motion. Just to get the your time down
2. swing with the torso
3. Keep your hands loose. They will automatically swing with a circular path
4. Swing slightly up

That's it. Thats not too complicated


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