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Posted by: Andrew (drog29@aim.com) on Sat Feb 25 20:09:23 2006

> I love how you guys break everything down. By the time your kids are ready to hit is it October? Way too critical of every aspect to hitting a baseball. Sometimes less is more. I would love to have my staff face any of your teams. They probably need a laptop in the box when they come to hit. GREAT JOB GUYS!

Hey Joke,

Greatness comes from perfecting the little things to a point where it all comes natural. Mediocrity mocks and criticizes before it actually uses its brain, and then, chalks it up to a "less is more" mentality. I think if you sit down and think about what Jack is trying to teach, you'll find it's not that complicated. I agree, it might take a while to understand and apply the mechanics. However, I think he is trying to unteach awkward mechanics that so many of us have heard for years, and then teach mechanics that actually work more naturally. The pay off in the long run is worth the time and effort. Let me encourage you to give this site a shot. I can testify that my bat speed has dramatically increased. Balls are flying further, and with more consistancy, than they ever have. And the great part is, it is so much more effortless for me. So, work hard, and give this site a chance.


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