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Re: weight shift involvement....

Posted by: RQL () on Sun Apr 29 13:19:30 2001

>>> jack...i think this discussion boils down to your theory that nothing below the shoulders is relevant unless it contributes to shoulder rotation.....i don't necessairily think the theory is wrong, but i do think it could use some clarification....im happen to believe in the kinetic chain theory ( and i understand that you do not)....hips>shoulders>arms>hands, etc...transfer of energy from the bottom up....if you do not believe in the kinetic chain, then it would seem that you feel the only purpose of the hips, if any is it's possible contribution to shoulder rotation.....are you suggesting that a hitter wants good "shoulder speed" , possibly assisted by the hips?....that would be just as bad as coaches who look for "hand speed" or "hip speed"....i don't think at all that you are advocating "shoulder speed".....but to you, what purpose does good hip rotation serve if you don't believe it eventually CONTRIBUTES ENERGY TO THE SHOULDERS ?.....and i can turn my shoulders quite quickly without great hip rotation......again, this is probably a case where i am simply misunderstand your position and i would appreciate clarification........respectfully, grc....p.s....down below under squashing the bug...again...major dan made some good points about the high jumper...i hope you will respond to that post as well....grc.....<<<
> Hi grc
> I think you stated my position fairly accurately – “nothing below the shoulders is relevant (to developing bat speed) unless it contributes to shoulder rotation.” If you know of any other way the feet, leg, hips and torso can effect bat speed – please explain it to me.
> Jack Mankin
> For the most part I agree with Jack,however I do believe that all the lower body parts greatly contribute to shoulder rotation and without them you would have far less shoulder rotation.Also I see the hands below the shoulders and I do believe they contribute to bat speed.


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