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Swing Speed Radar

Accurately Measure Baseball and Softball Bat Speed

   Price: $105.95    Swing Speed Radar (tripod not included)

   Features and Benefits:
  • Radar for measuring baseball/softball swing speed
  • Digital display
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Consistent and accurate to 1 MPH with affordable Doppler radar
  • Monitor your swing consistency
  • Determine your optimum swing speed for distance, control and accuracy
  • Monitor the effects of changes in your mechanics on your swing performance
  • Helps select the correct bat
  • Works great for golfer as well
  • Runs on 3 AA batteries (not included)

  • Positioning the Swing Speed Radar for the Baseball and Softball Swing

    The Swing Speed Radar can be positioned in front of the batter or behind the batter. The most important consideration in using the Swing Speed Radar is to position it in the plane of the swing as the bat enters the hitting zone, similarly to positioning a ball at the desired height and location on a tee.

    If the batter is swinging in air without a ball, the Swing Speed Radar can be located forward about six feet in front of the hitting zone, at the height of the bat swing through the hitting zone. The radar can be mounted on a tripod or hung on a net or fence. The batter is now swinging toward the radar as though it were the ball coming from the pitcher.

    If the batter is swinging at a ball on a tee, the Swing Speed Radar must be located behind the batter to prevent the batted ball from striking the radar and/or erroneous reading caused by the unpredictable ball flight from the tee. The radar should be about six feet behind the tee, facing the ball on the tee and at the height of the ball. The radar must be sufficiently rearward, where a catcher would ordinarily be positioned, to prevent it from being struck with the ba. In this location, the batter is swinging away from the radar.

    Swing Speed Radar is Accurate - No False Readings

    The Swing Speed Radar radar will not give false readings like other radar units. When a ball is hit off of a tee, your true bat speed readings will accurately be displayed.

    Most hand held radar units measure the maximum bat speed attained at any point during the swing. Swing Speed Radar can be set-up to record bat speed attained at contact. Click Here for an article on why maximum bat speed at contact is so important.

    Swing Speed Radar Measures All Bats

    Swing Speed Radar works with all bats, including aluminum, graphite and wood.

    Swing Speed Radar is Easy to Use

    Easy to use. Just turn it on and it will give a reading every time. When you are finished, it will automatically shut off.

    Measure Golf Clubhead Speed or Ball Speed

    The Swing Speed Radar will accurately measure your club head speed consistently and within 1 mph.


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