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   Due to increased ccsts of manufacturing the wood bat,
   we are working on a new version of the Pathfinder

Includes a 20-minute training DVD specially created for The Pathfinder

The Pathfinder rotational training bat, a quality product made of ash hardwood, is specially designed to teach players and coaches how to learn and develop rotational batting mechanics while eliminating old muscle memory.

The unique swivel handle teaches batters how to use the powerful muscles in body, shoulders and arms to develop an effective circular hand path exhibited in the swing of the greatest hitters in baseball to generate their tremendous bat speed. The amount of bat speed generated with the swivel handle provides instant feedback as to whether a player has the proper hand path. Initially, batters who are using linear extension mechanics will find that the Pathfinder drags slowly through the hitting zone. However, as the batter begins to learn effective rotational mechanics, The Pathfinder will "zing" to contact. By practicing with The Pathfinder, batters can learn to eliminate linear (A to B) mechanics and develop a strong and smooth rotational swing.

Click Here to Preview The Pathfinder

[ Jack Bio ]Coach Mankin has used The Pathfinder for over 10 years to teach his players how to develop rotational mechanics and frequently uses the Pathfinder in his instructional videos.

Coach Mankin includes a 20-minute DVD specially created for The Pathfinder, which will also supplement The Final Arc 2 instructional video. It is strongly recommended that you use The Pathfinder in conjunction with The Final Arc 2 instructional video and a heavy bag (to stop the training bat at contact). If you already own The Final Arc 2 instructional video and a heavy bag, then all you need is The Pathfinder. The combination of these training aids can greatly assist you in learning how to use rotational mechanics correctly and naturally.

Here are the key features of The Pathfinder:

  • Teaches batters to develop an efficient Circular Hand Path (CHP);
  • Teaches back-side dominate hitters to learn to use the lead-side leg and shoulder pull more efficiently;
  • Teaches batters how to apply proper torque during the swing:
    • Pre-launch Torque (PLT) - accelerates the bat-head to the launch position;
    • Top Hand Torque (THT) - accelerates the bat-head to (and through) the start ("lag") position;
    • Bottom Hand Torque (BHT) - accelerates the bat-head from the lag position to contact.
Torque is often an unknown or misunderstood subject, but Coach Mankin will teach you the fundamentals of torque and explain how maximum bat speed requires applying torque to the bat that compliments and reinforces a circular hand path, rather than altering it. The net result of proper torque and a circular hand path is that great hitters generate tremendous early and continuous bat speed, resulting in a quicker and more powerful swing that can hit major league pitching with authority. Average hitters, on the other hand, do not generate early bat speed, which results in many weak groundouts and 300 foot pop-ups.

Please note: The Pathfinder is not designed for hitting balls or hard objects. It is designed to be swung in mid air or against a practice bag for the reasons explained above. It is made of high quality ash, but if you happen to break the Pathfinder, we will provide one replacement Pathfinder for 1/2 regular price plus shipping.


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