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Hi Jack, I wanted to share with you, a success story. My daughter was 12 when I bought your program. I had several "softball" people tell me what your program teaches will not work for fastpitch and will make her swing to long and slow. Well as you know, quite the opposite. She immediately became one of the best hitters around, eventually being on All-State teams etc. She now is a sophomore at Western Washington University and currently leading the conference in avg, ob%, slugging, rbis etc.

Many thanks to you Jack for sharing your great knowledge of hitting with everyone smart enough to listen. I cant tell you how much you have helped this girl and others I have taught your system. Not only with hitting, but the other things in life, being successful at softball has brought to them.

Tom Levin

I just wanted to share with you that my son has been an exceptional baseball player for his entire young career, but has never hit a home run. We have an indoor batting cage at our house, complete with pitching machine. We watched your hitting video on Friday night (10/12/01), and realized that we never truly rotated the shoulders, and had not taken advantage of the body's (and hands') ability to generate torque. Sean said he dreamed about hitting all night on Friday night. Sean turned 12 in late August, has one year left of Little League, and is playing on two fall teams this year. To make a long story short, Sean crushed a long home run over the fence in left on Saturday, and crushed another over the center field fence on Sunday. The video was awesome, and we may now be your biggest fans.

Dan and Sean
Battle Ground, Washington

I just wanted to say thank you for all the help your program has done for my daughter. She is a Junior heading into her Senior year and just completed a scouting tournament in Boulder Colorado. At the end of the tournament we had schools standing in line to talk to her about attending their universities. LSU, Florida, Florida State, Michigan State, St Johns, Syracuse, Oregon State. The main reason they all told her they were interested was the power she displayed. Based on what it would cost to attend one of these schools my investment in your program is worth its weight in gold. Thanks!

Alan Lupinetti
Long Beach, California

After going through and incorporating the hitting mechanics in Jack's "The Final Arc" video, my 10 year old son's batting average went from the low .200's to mid .700's - with power. Jack Mankin's clear and consistent understanding of hitting mechanics could only have come about through endless hours of studying the best hitters in baseball.

Henry Dearborn
Fairfield, Iowa

Players, coaches, and parents run as fast as you can to get Jack's Batspeed video and it is a must to get the swing review analysis. Here is how it helped my daughter Mary: after I received the swing analysis from Jack, I incorporated it into the video I sent out to College coaches. After seeing her play last summer Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Carson-Newman and Brevard offered her a scholarship. It came down to the best fit and it was Carson-Newman. Basically I made $80,000 in 30 minutes, that is signing on the line was worth around $20,000 a year. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Jack and his detail to attention in analyzing Mary's swing, and helping her correct a few problems really made a huge difference this summer when the College coaches saw her again. Don't waste your time and money on any of the so-called hitting experts, you have found the best in Jack and his analysis of hitting.

David Roberts
Powell, Tennessee

As the saying goes, "the proof is in the pudding." Until one actually tries the different theories and techniques described, how can a determination be made on whether they work or not?

I found this site and these techniques last spring just before my son's Little League season (11&12) began. Since he is tall but very slim, I knew from experience that he will not be able to "muscle" the ball. We had been using the classic linear methods with some success, but were both willing to give this "new theory" a try. I figured a few dry swings to get the feel of the swing and taking some batting practice at the ball field would be a good indication of whether or not there was any merit to all of this rotational stuff.

Well, as you can probably guess, my son continued using the rotational technique and never looked back. More than once he drove the ball deep to the fence and in his last game finally put one well out of the park on the 200ft. field.

To me, one of the best things about rotational is that it has been simpler for my son to understand. Using the rock on a string imagery helped him to see what the rotational technique was doing. We only have two "keywords" that he thinks about before he swings -- "hips and shoulders." With those words, he remembers to let his hips and upper body do the work instead of trying to use his arms for power.

To the skeptics I would say, "Just give it a try." You may discover you have found just what you've been looking for.

Thomas Vanya

My daughter, Kate, and my student, Marisa, are both going off to school to play DIV 1 ball. Both are completely sold on the Batspeed system and that is not surprising given that they are both batting over 450 in serious competition. The main problem they run into is the coaches trying to change their hitting style because they (the coaches) don't know any better. The girls explain what they are doing and why, but its not always easy for the coaches to understand the inherent differences between the antiquated weight shift method of hitting and the rotational style which Jack teaches. I want to again thank Jack and BatSpeed.com for providing the difference to a couple of very good athletes who I do not believe would be playing D1 ball without your guidance.

Larry Briody
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Dear Jack,

About a year ago I browsed your website for hours. I bought your video and also the tripod mounted Swing-mate to measure my batspeed. I utilized the principles you espouse on your video and experimented with different grips. I also went to a lighter bat. I discovered that by "pulling" with the upper hand at the start of the swing, (the claw method) I was able to add 5 mph alone to my swing which sometimes topped out at 78- 79 mph and averaged 74-75. My average batspeed at the beginning was 64 mph. I had been a singles hitter all my life. Imagine the surprise on my team mates faces when they saw this 48 year old player who for 6 years batted 8th or 9th in the order start to hit for distance. I was moved to 2nd in the batting order and went 12 for 25 in a rain shortened fast pitch softball season getting 24 bases in those 25 at bats (.960 slugging pct.) Sometimes I couldn't believe it was me hitting the ball that far ! Thank you.

Dr. P. Chan
Nanuet, NY

Last year my then 10 year old son was playing ball and was for the most part having a "good" year. He had a really good batting average and is very quick so he hit a lot of singles, doubles and triples. He even hit a couple of "inside the park Homeruns." We had a couple of other kids on the team who were much bigger than my son (he was at the time 4ft 6in and 72 lbs). These boys were clearing the fence every now and then and were constantly "cranking the ball deep." My son used to ask me if I thought he would ever hit a home run. I would just pat him on the head and tell him "Son, you're a contact hitter, you don't hit home runs, your job is to put the ball in play and run like hell." I continued this belief until I stumbled across a Batspeed.com last year at the end of the regular season.

Anyway, I changed my "little boy's" swing to a rotational style, bought him a new heavier bat (30 22 big barrel) the first day out with a new swing and new bat he cleared the fence on our game field. He ended up hitting 3 home runs during Allstars (the out of the park kind not the inside the park kind). It was amazing to me to see because he was the smallest kid on the team at the time. And yet he had incredible pop on the ball.

Tues nite was our first Regular Season game. I am very proud to announce that my son smacked one deep last nite. He hit one hard down the left field line (200ft in to the wind) that cleared the 30ft high fence. I don't know about other kids on this site but for my son, this was quite a blast. He is 11 years old, 78 lbs and is now the second smallest kid on my team. I just love when the bigger kids on the team are in disbelief that such a little guy can hit the ball so hard.

All I can say to them is that it is all about Bat speed. My son always tells me that the HR's that he has hit felt like he hardly swung the bat. In other words effortless. Anyway, I am one proud dad. I really am grateful I found this site. I changed my son's swing last season at the start of AllStars after having studied the info on this site.

This year I actually bought Jack's video and altered his swing a little more. He is crushing the ball to the amazement of the parents and other kids on the team, some of whom out weigh him by as much as 50 lbs. I am now a true believer in Rotational mechanics and preach them to everyone who will listen. Batspeed, Batspeed, Batspeed.

Sonny S.
Grapevine, Texas

Jack Mankin has really does his homework! Over 90% of pro hitters today are rotational hitters; and I have observed that state and national championship high school and college teams hit with high power and average numbers and swing mostly rotational!!!

My name is Mike Huber and I work for the Chicago White Sox Training Center as a hitting instructor. The results I have gotten teaching the Ted Williams philosophy on hitting have been overwhelming. I have tried every conceivable philosophy on hitting and the only one that consistently works and satisfies hitters is the rotational pro style swing. It is by far the easiest way to get a hitter to the next level, as I have personally witnessed hitter’s slugging percentage, batting average, and power numbers go up significantly.

Jack Mankin's puts the truth right out there with his simple, yet detailed description and facts of how and why rotational hitters have a better chance at success in hitting. Any hitter that can tap into Jack Mankin's reality of how to swing a baseball bat will:

1. Hit with significantly more power.
2. Get the plane of the swing on the same path as the ball coming down from the pitchers mound ( Thus increasing batting average)
3. Increase bat-ball collision speed from 5-20 m.p.h easily.
4. Become a "money ball hitter"; Giving every hitter a real chance to making it to the next level!

Thanks Jack for educating so many that has been mislead otherwise!

Mike Huber

Jack- I am too excited and grateful not to send you this communication. My son Ben just completed the college application process and baseball here in the east is approaching the mid point of the high school season.

As of today, Ben's team is 12-0. He is currently hitting .524 (22/42), with 9 extra base hits, 10 rbi, 21 runs, 7 walks and 10 stolen bases. I have attached a photo of him taken this past Saturday during a second round county tournament game. He was 3-4, but more importantly, after allowing th eopposition to tie the game on an error in the top of the seventh, Ben led off the bottom of the seventh with a triple off the center field fence and scored two batters later with the winning run. The picture was shot by a friend of mine just after contact. I thought you would enjoy seeing it!!

The only fault I can find is that perhaps there should be a little less angulation to the line of his bat through his left side and also there could be a little flex to his left knee. I have watched a lot of major leaguers and they do manage to keep some flexion in their lead knee. I must admit, I find it hard to do and you have any tips on how to accomplish that I would love to hear how!!!

Ben also decided that he will be attending Duke University this coming fall. He was accepted and offered a very nice academic scholarship there. He is planning on trying to walk onto the baseball team in September. There is an opportunity there that ordinarily wouldn't present itself. First, while there are six ACC teams in the Top 30, Duke is second to last in the conference. There is a new coach this year who cleaned house in order to build from the ground up. There will be only 12 returning underclassmen in Sept and the coach has recruited 10 players which still leaved 3 openings for the travel squad and 7 openings for the overall roster. Ben is going to spend the next four months after the high school season, lifting, running and working out in addtition to playing some ball to get ready for the challenge of trying to make the Duke squad.

Again, I know you are a modest man, but I am sincere when I say that if i hadn't come across your material by chance several years ago, I don't think Ben would be where he is today. I can't thank you enough.

All the best!

Jesse Cohen
Livingston, NJ

After getting Jack's tape my 8 year old son (under 50 lbs, bat's right, PeeWee league coaches pitch) has been practicing the prescribed heavy bag drills for 2 days. I took him up to the little league field this morning for some live hitting. I tossed BP at average major little league speed. Wow! What a difference! He is flying the ball 180 ft.

Solid contact pitch after pitch with terrific rotational torque and circular hand path, and he is really turning on the ball. Nary a weak ball to right field. He has not quite mastered what we have nicknamed the top hand "claw" grip for top hand torque. I believe in a few weeks of training he might carry the 200 ft. fence.

Thanks Jack.

MB of Boston

I ordered the video a while back and watched it with my wife, who was a novice softball player and a self-described "always picked last" kind of player. She quickly understood the concepts displayed and actually did a very good job hitting among the women on our co-ed team. I also used the drills to pick up more than 10 miles per hour in bat speed. Thanks for a great instructional video.

Charles Slavik
Tampa, Florida

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