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Ted Williams clips

Posted by: Jack Mankin (mrbatspeed@aol.com) on Sun Aug 24 15:00:51 2003

>>> his swing was consistent...he swung different...that's not bad but it was different from the conventional type A mlb swing....frankly, i'm running out of patience.....some people assume that all great hitters swung the same & the reality is that they either don't have clips or they see what they want to see....i made my point, am out of patience and hereby terminate this discussion.....<<<

Hi Bart

This thread discusses a very important point Is there a common thread found in the swing mechanics (Frame #1 to contact) of all great hitters, or does their athletic ability allow them to perform equally well with different (or what some may refer to as flawed) mechanics?

So Bart, for the sake of clarity, please keep your patience a little longer. For a given pitch location, it would be helpful if you explain what major differences you find in the swing mechanics of great hitters (Williams or whoever) from frame #1 (bat has lowered into the swing plane and shoulder rotation has started) to the contact frame. Obviously, as Doug points out, adjustments would be made for each pitch location (and at contact depending on whether the ball was hit to the opposite field or pulled). Your assistance is appreciated.

Jack Mankin


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