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Re: Ted Williams clips

Posted by: Nick () on Mon Aug 25 10:50:56 2003

> Bart, It was not your discussion to terminate. dougdinger asked where he could get film of Ted Williams and I gave him a place to do that. Relax man, you don't have to like Ted or Barry or anyone else. How you swing or what you like in a swing is your own business. I have every film of Williams that I know of, and have been collecting them for 24 years. Each AB that he has, something different shows up. Why? different pitches in different areas of the strike zone. I will hang my hat on his swing.
> Doug

Doug & Jack,

I suspect that what Bart is talking about is the drop in the bat head (out of the plane of the swing) that is evident in at least some of the swings I have seen of Ted. I have a few of them on videos and will dig them out if you want.



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