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Re: Re: Re: Ted Williams clips

Posted by: ray porco () on Tue Aug 26 13:41:10 2003


1. other major leaguers

2. yes

3. yes

4. in this context, the swing that jack has outlined in "swing mechanics".

5. dunno

6. THAT'S THE POINT MAN. whatever works for you. nobody can hit for you. nobody, and i repeat, nobody, studied hitting, talked hitting, researched hitting, asked questions about, practiced, and hit more than williams. through his motor learning process and constant feedback, he developed a swing, that i'm sure, he thought was optimum for himself. constantly tweaking and experimenting until he developed a technique (mechanics, athletic ability, knowledge) that permitted him to bat .406.
so, if you can copy williams and make it work - do it! otherwise, experiment and find your own optimum. jack's mechanics offer a very good starting point.


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