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Re: 9 year old lesson

Posted by: Coach C () on Mon Mar 1 09:11:11 2004

i took my 9 yr old in for batting lesson and this is waht they basicall taught them.
> 1. stride on toe or ball of foot
> 2.put foot down while pivoting rear foot keepin bat in same position
> 3 take handle to the ball
> 4 karate chop with right hand. i know its basic but is this guy on the right track?

It's not my style to rip other coaches....so give it two months and see if your kid gets better. Give the coach the flexibility to make changes if he sees something that isn't working. At first glance these are not cues that I would use, but see if they work. Be wary of the all knowing coach, versus the coach who admits he will never stop learning.

Coach C


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