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Re: Re: 9 year old lesson

Posted by: mark (wogdoggy@aol.com) on Tue Mar 2 06:51:38 2004

i took my 9 yr old in for batting lesson and this is waht they basicall taught them.
> > 1. stride on toe or ball of foot
> > 2.put foot down while pivoting rear foot keepin bat in same position
> > 3 take handle to the ball
> > 4 karate chop with right hand. i know its basic but is this guy on the right track?
> >
> >
> > Hey Mark,
> Coach C recommends that you keep your son/DD in the instruction and see if he improves... there's no question that he will improve just by the fact that he is getting in some serious swings will improve him.
> The question is do you want to teach him/her the linear swing which is what you're getting now or do you want to teach the rotational swing?
> Commit yourself to researching the swing and find out which kind of hitter you desire... if you learn enough you can teach your son/DD yourself. and that's alot of fun!!!
> To answer you question "is this guy on the right track?"... yes if you have a daughter(DD) who hits left handed and is fairly weak and is as fast as a rabbit. she'll be a great table setter for the 3 and 4 hitters :-) do your homework... there are many people that will help you. All the best, Rich

rich maybe your real calling in life is stand up..

this is the best example of what this guy is teaching..its six steps to a sweet swing..it looks like the cookie cutter image this guy is teaching



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