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Re: Re: Re: scapula load

Posted by: Rich () on Tue Mar 2 20:40:59 2004

> > >
> > > i just resumed my practice on saturday after one and a half month of recovery from knee injury.
> > >
> > > i found out my swing was still there. i took cuts from the wiffle machine. i notice that when i scapula loaded, it was not necessary to pay attention to the bat or to the launch position. if you scapula load, bat will be automatically centered and the pay off is that you can forget about it. i could hit pretty well from loading the scapula and starting with legs...like always.
> > >
> > > thanks
> > >
> > > toti
> > >
> > >
> > >Hey toti
> >
> > Glad to see you back.
> >
> > Check out this web site: planet-tachyon.com and order one of their athletic wraps. i promise you that if you injur yourself again, minor or major that this wrap will cut in half your recover time.
> >
> > I've had three friends that were ready to go to doctors to get cut on that i lent my wrap to and in 2 weeks no pain... it has never failed me in any situation. this sounds like a fairy tale, but it's not.
> >
> > Go to the site and read about this. it is space age stuff and not many people know about it. i'm as serious as a heart attack. Rich
> rich...i think you should be careful about giving medical advice....he didn't say what kind of knee injury he had, but depending on whether it was an acl tear (and if so, was it reconstructed?), or repairing the meniscus, or perhaps the pcl, there is a variety of recovery times and meethods, all depending on doctor's and patient's choice of treatment, consultation with physical therapist, patient's response, etc, etc...
>Hey grc,

Thanks for the heads up on giving out advice. AMA frowns on that...

This wrap i speak of is truely amazing, however. the authenticity and the results that this invention creates has cause major concern among the establisment. assasination attempts have been made on the inventor's life.

Like grc says though, consult a qualified health care professional for your concerns. personally i take care of myself. i'm 57 haven't been to a doc in 30yrs. stand 6' 185lbs 10% body fat... the human body is God's greatest creation and i'm greatful to be hanging out in one. it can literally take care of itself.(injury is another thing however)

Sorry got off on a tangent there. Rotational hitting the only way to go!!!!!!! regards, Rich


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