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Re: Re: Re: Revised Swing Mechanics Page

Posted by: Rich () on Wed Mar 3 21:08:45 2004

Good progress.
> Numbering frames would be very nice.
> A few nits to pick:
> frames 1,2,3: usually see bat tip toward vertical a little when hands drop, due to internal rotation of back arm
> frames 4,5,6: would like to see back elbow appear behind back as it goes up back and down, and not disappear until about frame 7
> Would expect hips to keep turning,not just go up in frames 7,8. <<<
> Hi Tom
> The frames are identified in the frame-by-frame. Frames A, B, C, D, and E are the pre-launch frames. That actual swing, from initiation to contact, are frames 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Frames X, Y and Z are of the follow-through.
> These are computerized drawings taken from 13 frames of a well known Major League batter, hitting a ball over 500 feet. These are his typical swing mechanics. If internal rotation of the back-arm would cause his bat to tip toward vertical a little when hands drop, it would be in his frame-by-frame video clips and therefore, in the computerized tracings. The same is true regarding his hip rotation.
> Tom, I just rechecked the entire swing frame-by-frame. The back-elbow movement in the video is the same as the computerized traces. I have also commented on seeing the elbow as it lowers on right-handed hitters. However, you can not see the elbow of a lefthander because those shots were taken from the left-centerfield angle.
> The swing used for the drawings is shot from almost straightaway centerfield ? very slightly to right-center. We started to use clips shot from left-center but that angle did not allow us to see the hand movement coming to the back-shoulder as well. I wish we could show both views, but that is just not practical.
> Jack Mankin
> Hey Jack,

Great improvement!

Suggestion for more clearity in your description of the mechanics. when i was young and my mom asked me a question i didn't know i would "shrug" my shoulders and answer i did not know. "Shrug" to me and i'm sure many others means raising your shoulders up to your ears in a shrugging fashion.

To make absolutely certain that your readers understand what you mean i might suggest that you just change the words to say, "shrug your front shoulder "forward"... and to even futher explain the sequence i would add "and at the same time you are shrugging your front shoulder "forward" you shrug your back shoulder backwards."(erronously refered to on the boards as the "scap load")

Let's have a poll... when you hear the term "shrug your shoulders" how many of you guys and gals think pull your shoulders up to your ears?

Jack your the greatest!! keep improving, all the best, Rich


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