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Re: Re: i'm ready when you and the other's are...

Posted by: ray porco () on Wed Mar 3 21:38:54 2004


no offense taken.
i too, would relish a debate (with epstein included).
my credentials are not questionable, they are none. i didn't realize they were needed. forgive, me.
as far as being credible, you'll just have take my word when i say, "i'm ready...".
on the other hand, you've accused that i'm interfering, - i prefer goading (and there is nothing vague about it).

jackpine, is it interfering, when you are invited?
quote from nyman's original post:
"Also each debate/discussion would be open to questions from those who visit the web sites specific to the topic under debate/discussion either addressed us all (You, Epstein, Hudgens, and myself) or to a specific individual."

all i've done is state that "i'm ready....".

hmmm,let's see, -accused me of obfuscating interference, questioned my credentials, and questioned my credibility, with no offense intended. you ask a lot of someone you don't know, but i'm not offended.


nyman's proposal.
mankin accepted. in fact, last was jack asking him to contact the others.
no reply.
nyman's proposal. he should follow through.

odd's are against.

ray porco


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