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Re: Mechanics Page

Posted by: Teacherman () on Thu Mar 4 20:22:05 2004

> I can say for sure that I first gained my present understanding of what I call scap loading from Nyman, probably about 1999-2000 time frame. However, there is also the possibility I misunderstood what he was saying (wouldn’t be the first time). Also, it is not intended to contradict your statement that you described it with different words. This could very well be the case.
> I have put a few clips up. Unfortunately, I do not have a great back side view of Mac. But I do of Piazza, Gwynn and Juan Gonzalez. So we are clear what I am calling scap loading: it is the pulling back of the back elbow. This pulling back impacts the scapula region of the shoulder. Gonzalez really exemplifies the move, while it is very subtle in the swings of Piazza, Gwynn and Mac. I think you could argue that Mac pre sets the position. Also, I would say it is a pre-launch movement that helps to link the hands and shoulders so they begin to rotate together.
> http://webpages.charter.net/nickkio/ScapLoad/
> I have no access to the SetPro boards, so Paul will have to step in if his definition is different or he cares to expand on this.
> Nick

THT and scap loading are two completely different things. You just said THT is at swing initiation. Scap load is not. Scap unload is. But it still is not the same as THT. I suggest a little more research before you claim you were the first to coin the movement and give it a name.

To answer your original questions, IMHO, no.....and.....yes.


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