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Further THT Explanation

Posted by: Nick () on Fri Mar 5 11:47:59 2004


So this would not get lost I moved it to a separate thread:

A while back I wrote this on the HS Board:

THT: Perhaps we can get to the bottom of it here: if I hold a bat out in front of me pointing to the sky, I have several movements I can make involving my wrists, lower arm. (1) I can move the bat away from me in a hammering type of move. (1a)I also have a little range of motion toward me, opposite the way I would hammer something. (2) I can also move the bat left and right, about 90 degrees in each direction. Shefield exagerates this move. (3) I can combine these activities and make the end of the bat go in more of a circular motion.

To me the activities of the swing involving the hands. wrists would go 1a, 2, 1 in that order. I believe 1a and 2 are done in a more of a circular manner. Are 1a and 2 Top Hand Torque? Or is there something else? Which clips do we have that show this the most clearly.

Jack, I know I've expanded the discussion, but I think it cans shed some light on what form me has been a difficult concept to grasp.



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