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Re: Higher levels of baseball..

Posted by: Alan () on Fri Mar 5 13:35:54 2004

i am a college baseball player for a division II school and was wondering how quickly and effectively your theories can be implemented.. noting that my habits have been ingrained for years.
> thanks,
> jacob

From my experience it should take approximately 3 months before you fully have the swing down and are hitting the ball and seeing results.This is based on my experience with my two who were 13 & 14 respectively, so being a little more advanced it could take you less time. What to expect:

You should have the swing mechanics down in no time a couple of weeks of practice. What you will notice when you get to this point is the velocity of the ball leaving your bat will increase. In fact, it will be more noticeable to people watching you than to yourself.

The part that takes some time is that with new swing mechanics you will contact the ball at a slightly different spot and this will take some getting use to. Your hand eye cordination is dialed into a preconceived spot ("when I swing here is where the bat ends up and contacts the ball") and that is going to be slightly different with a rotational swing. Your eyes, brain, and hands have to make the adjustments, stay on course it's worth the effort.

What to expect in this adjustment period could have you wondering why should I do this. It's scarey to "think" your going to have three months where you are not as good as before. Fist of all you won't see a performance drop even if your not hitting the ball as squarely because you'll have grounders that will get by infielders that didn't before.Balls will also be by outfielders that wern't before. I'm going to guess you feel your performance is about as good as you are now. But the time you start hitting the ball squarely and those adjustments become automatic to you, Look Out.


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