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Atn: John Elliott

Posted by: Brett () on Fri Mar 5 15:42:41 2004

Would you agree or disagree that it is wrong for paid surrogates from other sites to come to this site in order to promote the site of their heros?

Your background enhances the extremly large amount of credibility that Jack already has and has earned. Of course, certain hero-worshipers pretend to have not heard of you or your background, so perhaps you could remind Teacherman, among other hero-worshipers that, unlike some heroes out there, YOU PLAYED THE GAME AT THE PROFESSIONAL LEVEL. In other words, when you speak, the hero-worshiping surrogates will have no choice but to defer to your PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE. Thank you. Mr. Elliott, and great job in the DVD and also your great instruction of youths in the art of rotational mechanics!!!!


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