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Re: Skap loading

Posted by: BHL (Knight1285@aol.com) on Sat Mar 6 00:14:18 2004

> Nyman has posted a few rants about the recent discussions on his near dormant Web site.
> He is adamant that top hand torque doesn't exist as Jack describes it. He argues that skap loading is the key, as he always does, but to be fair, he doesn't jabber about his favorite movement any more than Jack does his.
> He also goes on at length about various biomechanical stuff, etc., and how he has all sorts of special training that qualifies him to name things.
> One question I have is this: the scapula is a bone. How do you load a bone?
> Just curious.
> Melvin

Hi Melvin,

After reviewing others' posts, the reason I contest his information on "scap loading" is as follows: 1) Nyman bailiwick is in the humanities, rather than in the physical sciences; 2) loading the shoulder for anatomical use was articulated by Ferroli and Epstein in depth long before Nyman published similar postulations; and, finally, 3) the scap is what you say it is: a bone. I have given others posters a chance to sway my view; however, after weighing the validity of every argument presented, it seems as if the "scap loading" is a masked term that will allow him to steal the ideas of others (not to mention defend the usurped idea if he ever gets sued). Just my thoughts.


P.S. It would be better if Paul gave credit to those who deserve it. That's as much as I have to say on this topic. Now, "let's all get back to hitting."


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