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Re: Re: Thoughts on posting

Posted by: Art () on Sat Mar 6 18:18:23 2004

Hi All
> >
> > My thoughts on posting to this site.
> >
> > First some background. --- After charting professional hitterís swings for two years, I took the collected data to different physics departments to gain an understanding of why some swing mechanics produced better results than others. It was decided that before we determined why some mechanics generated more bat-head acceleration, we must first define the forces acting on the bat that generated that acceleration.
> >
> > Once those forces were defined, we were better able to evaluate which mechanics could most efficiently supply those forces. This is why the mechanical principles at Batspeed.com (CHP, THT and BHT) are defined by the forces the mechanics apply to the bat and the trajectories produced.
> >
> > Keep in mind, the ultimate purpose of all swing mechanics is to apply forces to the bat that gain maximum bat-head acceleration into a predictable swing plane. Therefore, it is of little value for someone to write a post at this site proclaiming the value of a swing mechanic without explaining how it effects the batís trajectories and define the forces that are applied to the bat that produce those trajectories.
> >
> > As an example, its fine if you wish to proclaim the benefits of scap loading, as long as you describe the direction of bat-head acceleration attributed to scap loading and the forces the mechanic applies to the bat that generate that acceleration. --- If you wish to explain the kinesiology of the mechanic, another forum would be your better choice. Combining apples and oranges does not work.
> >
> > Jack Mankin
> >
> Jack
> Now you're stooping to the ridiculous. Tell me what force the stride puts on the bat. Can we talk about the stride? What force does loading put on the bat? None. It stretches muscles about to be used. Can we not talk about that?
> Are you running from a difficult subject??? That's not like you.

Teacherman, perhaps you could invite your hero (Nyman) back and he could explain it to you. Of course he ran away from the first discussion (that he started!)when he encountered a little heat so maybe he won't be willing to come back. I do have another suggestion, though: read all of the research materials at this site, buy Jack's tape and DVD, then you can ask questions.


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