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Re: Re: Skap loading

Posted by: () on Sat Mar 6 19:06:52 2004

>>> He is adamant that top hand torque doesn't exist as Jack describes it. He argues that skap loading is the key <<<
> Hi Melvin
> The paragraph below is from the article, Bat Speed Research – Rise in Offense Stats.
> ##
> I think the most interesting finding that came from the study was that all the very top hitters exhibited a swing mechanic not found in any of the other players. --- They initiate the swing with what I termed "top hand torque" (top hand pulling back toward the catcher while initiating the swing). In 1988 I identified 21 players who initiated the swing with this type of mechanic --- they dominated the stats.
> ##
> I find it interesting that Paul completely discounts the principle of the “top hand pulling back toward the catcher while initiating the swing,” when I defined it as Top-Hand-Torque. But, he finds the pulling back of the elbow (and thus the top-hand) as key when he later labels it scap loading.
> As to another one of his comments, what percentage of today’s coaches would you say teaches extending the top-hand forward at initiation (linear mechanics), as compared to those that teach pulling the top-hand back (rotational mechanics)?
> Jack Mankin

Having read both this and Paul's threads, I would say neither of you understands what the other is trying to convey. One of you might as well be speaking Greek and the other Farsi. You each would understand no more and no less about what the other is trying to say than you do now. This is not to take sides in the issue. This is just to point out that there is zero comprehension of the other's points happening.


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